5 Reasons You Need to Know an Emergency Orthodontist

Away from Home?

Dental care is not always a one-way track to a beautiful smile.

Accidents in your daily life can sometimes happen and cause the need for emergency/repair visits. These are particularly tricky if you have braces for your smile, which require special attention.

However, your emergency orthodontist will know exactly what to do.

They can quickly repair anything from a loose wire to dealing with a chipped tooth that has braces.

Here are five benefits of planning ahead and knowing who your go-to orthodontist is in the event of an emergency or need for repair when away from home.

Why You Need To Know An Emergency Orthodontist

1. Prevent Swelling And More Pain

One of the most common cases to see an orthodontist right away is sudden pain or discomfort.

If this happens, it’s best to put your situation in the hands of a professional. They can quickly identify the problem and work to create solutions. The faster an orthodontist gets a look at what is going on, the more effective their treatment can be.

This prevents further pain from spreading.

2. Stop Equipment Damage

Sometimes, you know exactly what the problem is – a wire or bracket has come loose on your braces.

This is definitely something for an emergency orthodontist to handle. Don’t be the patient who tries to push things back in place. You may end up causing further damage to your braces or hurting yourself.

3. Stay On Track

The longer you wait to get help for your emergency, the longer your braces may have to stay on.

Remember, braces are constantly pushing on your teeth to get to where they need to be. Rubber bands help move the process along, but the most important thing is your cooperation.

An orthodontist can’t fix a problem you don’t tell them about. Make a point to see your emergency care provider as soon as possible in order to not risk prolonging your treatment plan.

4. Home Remedies Don’t Always Work

As great as orthodontic wax can be, it’s not the fix for everything.

Be smart enough to know the difference between slight discomfort and an actual emergency. Home remedies can only do so much, and you’ll end up having to see a specialist anyway. Do so right away to get the best treatment possible.

Don’t put on a brave face. Contact an emergency orthodontic office to get the care you need.

5. Get Back To Normal

The sooner you get help to identify and address a problem, the better you can keep to your daily routine.

Emergency orthodontic situations can leave lasting discomfort. It can affect what foods you eat and even how you talk. What seems like a small problem at first actually ends up throwing many parts of your life out of whack.

However, if you already know who your emergency orthodontist is, you don’t have to worry about this. Simply call them right away and you’ll be back to normal in no time.

Choose An Emergency Orthodontist

In the event of an emergency, it’s better to be prepared than to not know what to do.

Choose your go-to orthodontist to be ready for any emergency that comes your way. This can save you a significant amount of pain, time, and even money down the road.

First, contact your own Orthodontist and see if they can help solve the problem over the phone.  Then, if you still need professional help, call us for our emergency services, and make sure you have our emergency information on file for the future.