All You Need to Know About Invisalign for Your Child


When you start looking into dental care for your child, there are many different things to consider. What dental provider to use, will your insurance cover the care, what braces system to use for teeth straightening, etc. Your child should receive an initial orthodontic evaluation at age 7 years, giving you plenty of time to find a trustworthy provider and have questions answered before you begin teeth straightening. While traditional braces may seem like the most likely option, Invisalign can be the best option for straightening your child’s teeth.

What is Invisalign

Invisalign is a series of clear aligners used to straighten teeth and correct alignment. They’re custom made using a 3D Image of the mouth and fit perfectly to the teeth and gums. The smooth finish and custom fit make them designed for comfort and will be easier for your child to use. A large majority of orthodontists in the US are certified to perform dental care with Invisalign, just google “Orthodontist in San Mateo” to find one near you. Check with your local orthodontist to find out if your child is ready to start their Invisalign treatment.

Ease of Use

One of the best benefits of using Invisalign is the ease of use. While traditional braces limit types of food you can eat and make brushing and flossing more difficult, Invisalign removes all of these negatives. Because the aligners are removable, children can pop them out while eating. They can also have better dental hygiene as it will be easier to brush and floss their teeth each night. Aligners are easily cleaned with a toothbrush and toothpaste at the time of brushing and flossing.


Overall, the treatment for Invisalign is can be faster than the traditional method of braces. Invisalign aligners with patented Smart Plastic and custom attachments by prescription work in cooperation with your child’s biology to create faster micromovements giving a quicker treatment time with less discomfort. With teeth straightening methods, it is usually required to use some sort of retainer after the treatment is completed. Because your child will be used to wearing a type of retainer, they will be in the habit of putting in on and will be more likely to successfully wear their retainer as prescribed. This will help their teeth stay straight longer and make the treatment even more worth it.


There’s no getting around it, dental work can be expensive. The cost of Invisalign and braces are comparable, but in the long run, Invisalign tends to be less expensive. Dental insurance usually covers Invisalign treatment, but you will want to check with your insurance provider before making any decisions. You can also talk with your local orthodontist about different financial plans for your child’s dental treatment.

Overall, Invisalign is the best teeth straightening option for your child. Don’t wait, talk with Alborzi Orthodontics today about starting your child’s treatment now.