Ask the Invisalign Expert: 4 Questions to Ask Your Half Moon Bay Orthodontist

Millions of people seek treatment for their irregular smile every year. In the old days, the only option for a straighter smile was metal braces that ripped and tore at your tongue and cheeks.

But today, a San Mateo & Half Moon Bay orthodontist can help you reshape your smile using Invisalign. These removable aligners are a great option for a wide variety of teeth conditions. Learn about frequently asked questions before you seek treatment here.

1. How Will You Begin My Treatment?

The Invisalign treatment process starts with making a 3D model of your teeth using the iTero Scanner so that the doctor can design your smile, carefully plan each change and exactly determine the placement of custom attachments that will speed the effectiveness of the aligners. We will also talk about your treatment plan and what you can expect during the course of treatment including answering your questions about the use of aligners and how to make your treatment speedy and comfortable.

Fortunately, Invisalign aligners are removable so you won’t have lists of foods you cannot eat. Since you can take them out, it also makes it much easier to clean and floss your teeth.

2. How Long Will My Treatment Last?

The Invisalign process involves changing aligners every one to two weeks based on your prescription from the orthodontist. Depending on how quickly your teeth shift, you may be able to move through the trays more quickly, many are experiencing comfortable and fast movement while changing aligners every 5 days.

You should start to see noticeable results after six to ten weeks. To fully close a sizable gap it could take as long as three months.

3. What Kind of Results Can I Expect With Invisalign?

Invisalign will give you all the results of traditional braces when planned and supervised by an orthodontist experienced in the use of this orthodontic technique. It can be used to correct a wide variety of crooked teeth conditions including overbites.

You won’t know for sure if Invisalign is for you until you visit an orthodontist to have your receive a smile evaluation. At that time, you will also get an estimate for how long your treatment will last and how much it will cost.

4. How Much Will My Treatment Cost?

Invisalign treatment, in general, can cost you anywhere from $3,000 to $7,000. The amount you pay will vary based on the extent of treatment that you need. At Alborzi Smiles Invisalign does not cost more than the amount you would pay for traditional braces.

Your insurance company may cover a portion of your treatment. If you have a flex spending account or health savings account through your employer you can utilize these to fund your orthodontic treatment.  At Alborzi Orthodontics we offer interest free, custom payment plans to fit any budget.

Where to Find a Half Moon Bay Orthodontist

Now that you have a general idea of how much your treatment would cost, the results you can expect, and the treatment process, it’s time to seek out a San Mateo or Half Moon Bay orthodontist for your care.

Your smile is the way you greet the world. At Alborzi Smiles we take our role seriously and we create beautiful, healthy smiles, in a fraction of the usual time without extractions, headgear or expanders.  At Alborzi Smiles everyong is a candidate for Invisalign and we would love to help you make the best first impression by using Invisalign treatment. Contact us today for an appointment.