Dental Monitoring App Used by our San Mateo Orthodontist Office

I’ve always worked to stay abreast of new orthodontic technologies, strategies, and trends in my practice to ease the burden of time and money off the wonderful patients we serve. But even as I implement these cutting-edge services, I strive to provide the same level of individual attention and continue to build genuine connections with my patients.

That’s why we at Alborzi Orthodontics use the Dental Monitoring phone app to strike that balance between convenience and exemplary care. In the midst of Invisalign treatment, Dental Monitoring App allows you to  forgo regular visits to the orthodontist by using your phone to take pictures of your teeth during treatment. Through the Dental Monitoring Algorithm, these pictures are translated into a 3-D model of your teeth as they shift in your mouth, which I use to make sure that the treatment is going smoothly.

Through these remote “checkups,” I can ensure you’re on your way to the smile you’ve always wanted without regular office visits! Now I have patients who only come in every six months or as needed, skipping the hassle of the trip while still achieving the smiles of their dreams.

My goal has always been to transform my patients’ lives without disrupting their lifestyles. The Dental Monitoring App allows me to accommodate patients of all types, whether they feel more comfortable in the orthodontic chair or would prefer to send me a quick snapshot every month or so.

Some patients live several miles away or have such busy schedules that they can’t imagine taking an hour off to get to our San Mateo and Half Moon Bay offices. Others enjoy the warm, friendly, and professional atmosphere of Alborzi Orthodontics and want to continue to see us regularly. I’m happy to offer whichever option fits my patients’ needs. I’m eager to show them that having a beautiful smile isn’t just possible — it’s easy!

–Dr.  Alexa Alborzi