How To Find The Best San Mateo Orthodontist

The Atlantic reports that about four million Americans wear braces.

Not all of them are children. A recent ABC7 news report confirms that an increasing number of adults are using braces to help them develop a perfect Hollywood smile.

The American Board of Orthodontics recommends that children should start going for regular orthodontic checkups from the age of seven.

Should you or your child need braces or Invisalign you’ll be forging a partnership with your orthodontist, so it’s best to make sure you choose one that works for you.

Here are a few tips to help you find the best San Mateo orthodontist:

Before your first consultation:

You might need to see a few orthodontists before you find one you like, but there are a couple of things you can do to narrow down the search.

The American Board of Orthodontics (ABO) suggests starting by making a list of all the orthodontists in your area, before gathering recommendations from family and friends.

The Consumer Guide to Dentistry adds that if the braces are for you child, you could also consider asking teachers, parents associations or local parent forums for their recommendations.

You could take this a step further by checking out a doctor’s online reviews.

Make sure to check for practices close to your home, work or school. Considering how often you’ll be visiting, you want to find a San Mateo orthodontist that’s convenient for you.

Check the accreditations of the orthodontists on your list. Those who are members of the ABO, for example, are required to adhere to certain standards and stay up to date with latest technologies.

What to ask the San Mateo orthodontist you choose to visit:

Your first orthodontist visit is a chance to gather more information about your doctor before committing to a treatment option.

Start off by asking about recommended treatments, treatment options and the consequences of not treating the problem.

Ask about new technology that could make the process easier. Alborzi Orthodontics, for example, use long distance dental monitoring to reduce the number of visits required.

You’ll need to know how often you’ll have to visit your doctor and how long your appointments will be. Ask about the practice’s flexibility around scheduling to make sure you can work around your own schedule.

Another important factor — costs and payment options. Braces are a major investment and are not always covered by dental insurance. You’ll need to know how you can pay for them. Some practices offer flexible financing with zero interest to comfortably fit your budget.

Use your time in the waiting room before your first consultation to get a sense of the practice environment and staff. Besides the fact that you’ll be spending lots of time here, friendly staff can help encourage younger patients.

Ask about how the doctor deals with emergencies, should they arise and whether they have any “before and after” photos or patient references for you to see before you make your commitment to treatment.

Choosing a San Mateo orthodontist

Braces help straighten crooked teeth and correct bite problems. By realigning your teeth, they also make it easier to clean the spaces between them, contributing to better overall oral hygiene.

If you’re interested in getting your or your child’s teeth checked, book an appoi犀利士
ntment with one of San Mateo’s best orthodontists today.