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Dr. Alborzi

Meet Dr. Alexa Alborzi

Dr. Alexa A. Alborzi is a speaker, teacher, author, community leader, humanitarian, and accomplished orthodontist. Since founding Alborzi Orthodontics in 1996, she’s successfully enriched the lives of over 8,500 patients and wants to do the same for you and your family. With over 27 years practicing orthodontics, 2,000+ Invisalign cases, 14 years as Prof. of Orthodontics at UCSF, and 2 books written, she is one of the most qualified orthodontists in the area. She is constantly working to stay informed on the latest orthodontic technologies, and is known for tackling some of the most difficult cases in orthodontics, not only with stunning success but without unnecessary surgery.

What Our Patients Are Saying

Evan Coleman
Douglas Howatt
First rate care. Dr. Alborzi and her entire team are professional and personable, clearly explaining each step. And the results speak for themselves.
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Evan Coleman
Brianna Alvarado
Everyone is very professional and do their best to accommodate you and make sure your experience is nothing less of satisfactory.
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Evan Coleman
Amazing Staff, Very Motivational!
Friendly staff! Thank you!
Evan Coleman
Evan Coleman
I was referred to Dr. Alborzi by a family friend. Although my teeth looked fine visually, I underwent an Invisalign treatment that corrected my bite, which was causing severe TMD. Long story short: my treatment was quick, fairly painless, and overall an incredible success. If you are experiencing TMJ inflammation, I highly recommend you book a consultation with Dr. Alborzi. Thanks to her, I no longer experience jaw pain or popping, for the first time in 6 years. I breathe better at night and during exercise, I sleep more deeply, and I no longer clench my jaw as a natural stress response. I also swallow food and drink noticeably more easily -- things "go down the wrong pipe" a lot less frequently.

In a year of treatment, I experienced no hiccups or gaps in appointments/treatment, staff were always responsive and knowledgeable. Treatment may be expensive, but with Dr. Alborzi you certainly get what you pay for. I cannot more highly recommend her practice for Invisalign treatment.
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Evan Coleman
neeraja bhangre
Dr. Alborzi did a wonderful job! I fully recommend her. I wasn't happy with the treatment plan that was recommended to me at some other place, so I came to her for a 2nd consult and I'm so glad I did. She shortened the treatment plan from 18months ( or more) to about 9 months and I am actually done with all the work. So happy with final results. Her team is doing a great job too ?
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Evan Coleman
agnes wong
I delayed/postponed my much needed dental treatment until my early 50’s…and my teeth were a mess! Dr. Alborzi was the only dr who dared to take me on. She and her team were patient, professional, fun, and innovative through my treatment process. Who knew “braces” could be fun in your 50’s?!
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Our Services



Invisalign uses a series of comfortable, clear aligners to straighten your smile. This nearly-invisible treatment option is great for teens, adults, and anyone else who doesn’t want a mouthful of metal!


Metal Braces

Classic orthodontics treatment with a modern twist—gone are the days of pokey, painful metal braces with bulky headgear! Now creating smiles faster and more comfortable than ever!


Sleep Apnea Treatment

Get the sleep that you deserve! Our team offers a variety of sleep apnea treatments that are customizable to your specific needs, so you can get the quality of your rest back.

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Our Commitment To You

A successful orthodontic treatment experience isn’t just about receiving professional and gentle care. You also need to trust that your doctor and orthodontic team have your best interests at heart.

At Alborzi Orthodontics, this is what we strive for every day so that you can relax knowing that you’re getting nothing but the best treatment at our San Mateo and Half Moon Bay practices. From the moment you contact our office to your final retainer check appointment, our goal is your complete satisfaction.


Why Choose Invisalign® Clear Aligners?


Invisalign aligners are removable, making eating and brushing your teeth easier than ever!


They are an extremely comfortable fit – no more gum irritation or painful tightening sessions!


Treatment is fully customizable! We will work closely with you to create custom-made aligners.


Fewer visits to the dentist make the treatment convenient and flexible to your time, schedule and lifestyle.


Faster results than ever before in orthodontics – see results in as little as 6 months.


Being almost completely invisible, Invisalign provides a much more subtle and elegant way to achieve a straight and beautiful smile.