What Are Damon Braces and Why Are They the Smart Choice?

Put simply, Damon braces are fitted in the same way as standard metal ones. The difference is that they don’t have the usual metal brackets that patients need to adjust and tighten as their teeth align.

Rather, they are self-litigating thanks to a memory wire that’s attached to slide brackets. Your orthodontists will set the brackets to move naturally via the wire as your teeth align. Over time they will tighten into place.

Not only is this solution more comfortable than traditional elastics thanks to less pressure, it’s also quicker and more aesthetic. Moreover, you’re able to straighten your teeth with less force, reducing your need for supplemental treatments such as tooth extraction or palatal expanders and the chance of root resorption (the progressive loss or wearing down of tooth roots) is greatly reduced!

What are the Benefits?

Next, let’s discuss a few benefits you can expect to receive when you are fitted for Damon braces:

Less Noticeable

These braces have a clear bracket option as opposed to metal ones. They blend in with your teeth and are less detectable. This makes them ideal for persons of all ages and makes fitting in at school or the workplace a snap.

Faster Results

A recent study revealed that patients fitted with Damon braces saw results 7.2 months before those using traditional metal braces did. There’s also a lower chance that you’ll relapse and need additional treatment once yours is complete providing you follow your doctor’s prescription for retainers after treatment.

Fewer Office Visits

You won’t have to go to the orthodontist’s office every month to get your braces adjusted. The self-litigating feature does a majority of the work and minimizes manual interference.

Less Stress on Your Teeth

Not only do these braces apply less pressure to your teeth, but they also reduce the friction created between them. This means your teeth are less likely to grate against each other, erode or deteriorate as they adjust. This makes them an especially ideal choice for patients with severe tooth crowding issues.

An added benefit of this is that there are fewer places for plaque to build up between your teeth or on the braces themselves.

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