What Is Invisalign’s Smart Advantage?

SmartTrack & SmartForce Explained

Since Invisalign came out, there has been a boom in clear aligners. But only Invisalign uses the SmartTrack material and SmartForce attachments that are specifically designed to integrate into the Invisalign system and achieve complex tooth movements.

When paired, these two tools work together to apply a gentle, constant force that can treat even the trickiest of orthodontic problems.

Not everybody who requires orthodontic treatment will require SmartForce attachments. These small, tooth-colored attachments allow Invisalign to put the right amount of pressure in the right places.

When paired with SmartTrack material, SmartForce attachments enable Invisalign to deliver on one of the orthodontic treatment’s primary goals: predictability of movement. In a study measuring orthodontic success in 1,000-plus patients, predictability of movement came in at 99.9%, even when taking into account notoriously difficult movements like tooth rotation and extrusion.


SmartTrack: Fantastic Elastic

To move your teeth into their proper bite position, your clear aligners need to do two things. Invisalign explains how your aligners need to stretch over your teeth but return to their original shape so they effectively correct your malocclusion.

SmartTrack meets this need by improving the elasticity of the previous material so your aligners maintain their snug fit throughout your treatment time. Enjoy how the material of your aligners allows you to remove them for meals and brushings but is strong enough to maintain the gentle pressure required to move your teeth.

This predictability of movement is due, in part, to the fact that SmartTrack comes with greater elasticity than standard aligners. This extra elasticity not only enables Invisalign SmartTrack aligners to retain more energy than a standard aligner, but it also improves ease and comfort when inserting and removing aligners. Finally, extra elasticity also enhances contact with teeth for an extra snug fit.


SmartTrack: Improving Your Smile

Straightening your teeth with Invisalign is so appealing because of the aesthetic benefits. With clear aligners, you’re able to flash a smile with confidence and easily remove the aligners to eat without having to worry about food getting stuck between your braces.

SmartTrack also gives you a beautiful smile in another way. Using advanced technology, SmartTrack improves the control your aligners have as they straighten your smile.

Invisalign explains that this new design helps your aligner fit more closely around your teeth to better move them into their correct positions. With SmartTrack, you’ll be closer to the straight smile you’ve always wanted.


SmartTrack: Dropping the Discomfort Level

SmartTrack not only helps you correct your malocclusion. It also helps to reduce the discomfort that naturally occurs when you begin to shift your teeth into their correct position.

According to a recently published study, when patients used Invisalign SmartTrack instead of the previous Invisalign aligners, they reported…

  • A reduction in pain intensity.
  • A reduction in the duration of pain experienced.
  • A reduction in the pressure experienced when they inserted their aligners.

As an added benefit, 50% of the patients reported that SmartTrack improved their overall comfort during treatment.If you’re wondering why these results occurred, one answer lies in the improved elastic material.

All orthodontic appliances work by applying gentle pressure on the teeth, which over time, coaxes them into the correct and desired position.


Our Research Into SmartTrack and SmartForce With Invisalign 

SmartTrack material has been through over eight years of intensive research and development. We believe SmartTrack material paired with SmartForce attachments make Invisalign the best clear aligner on the market.

That said, not everybody desires clear aligners. At Alborzi Orthodontics, we offer a full range of orthodontic services, including traditional braces, and look forward to serving you in all of your orthodontic needs.