What To Expect From your First Orthodontist Appointment

Never been to the orthodontist? You probably have a lot of questions about your first appointment.

Can you get braces on the first appointment? Do they hurt?

How expensive are they? What does insurance cover? Are there payment plans?

Don’t worry: we have the answers. And we’re going to tell you exactly what to expect at your first orthodontist appointment.

If the thought of the orthodontist office is intimidating to you, then read this article now to prepare yourself.

Orthodontic Consultation

Before we can start the treatment, there is some important information we must gather. For starters, we’ll have to get to know one another. We’ll need to know who we’re treating and what exactly you want us to do for you.

We’ll also need to consider your medical history. We’ll get most of the necessary health information from your check-in paperwork. But we may ask you a few followup health questions at your first visit.

And you’ll want to know about us. We’ll tell you who we are, our philosophy, and get you acquainted with our office. And we’ll answer any questions you have about us or the treatment.

Diagnosis and Setting Up Initial Patient Records

Next, we’ll need to do some painless tests for diagnosis. This includes creating x-rays, photos and 3-D models of your teeth.

These help us figure out if you need treatment and what treatment options are available to you. We also use this information to set up your initial patient records.

Choosing a Treatment Plan

Then we’ll discuss these options with you come up with a treatment plan that works best for you. This will be part of your first appointment.

We’ll give our professional, medical opinion about which options are most effective. We’ll discuss how they work, how they affect your lifestyle, duration, and pricing. Then you’ll help us by telling us which option works best for your lifestyle and budget.

Finalizing Treatment Plan

Once you’ve agreed on a treatment plan, we’ll discuss your payment plan and make it official.

Your payment arrangements will be tailored to fit your budget so finances are not a barrier to receiving the best Orthodontic treatment.

Starting Active Treatment

For Damon braces we will immediately schedule you to have the brackets bonded to your teeth. This is a lengthy appointment 60-90 minutes and while it can sometimes be done on the same day, it’s usually scheduled a few days to a week after you sign-up for treatment.

For metal braces, your teeth will be cleaned and polished in order to form a strong bond to the brackets. The brackets are either bonded one at a time or all together.

Once you’ve received your braces or Invisalign, you will be given instructions on how to take care of them.

With Invisalign the first step of treatment is the doctor planning your exact treatment plan with an intricate computerized system. This will start immediately upon sign-up and your first set of aligners will arrive 4-5 weeks from the day you sign-up. When your aligners are delivered you will have attachments placed on your teeth and you will be trained on how to use aligners, hours of wear, how to clean them and all the ins and outs of treatment.

Enjoy Your First Orthodontist Appointment

Your first orthodontist appointment is your first step toward the smile you’ve always wanted. Stop procrastinating. Join us for your consultation today!

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