Why You Should Have Your Teeth Straightened


If you have crooked teeth, you’re not alone. Only 35% of adults have a smile that is well aligned. It’s not uncommon for people to need the help of braces to achieve a straighter smile. It’s a procedure that can have a lot of benefits for you and your mouth, even though it can seem a bit strenuous when you’re going through it.

Get a Healthier Mouth

With the help of an orthodontist you can have a healthier mouth. This is because crooked and crowded teeth can be harder to clean. Flossing and brushing might not be as effective on teeth that are not properly aligned. Your gums can become irritated and even infected under these conditions, so it’s wise to get your teeth straightened and make them easier to care for.

Be More Confident in Your Smile

Orthodontists can also help you become more confident in your smile. If you often feel anxious and self conscious about how crooked your teeth are, it can make socializing and enjoying yourself more difficult. With the help of Invisalign braces, you can feel good about your smile even as your teeth are being straightened, and once the process is done you will have a smile you can love.

Reduce Future Dental Work

With the healthier and easier to care for mouth that was discussed above, you can cut down on the amount of dental work you need in the future. So, getting braces might seem daunting at the time, but it could also keep you from having to go through more painful procedures later on. It can also help you to cut back on dental bills.

You might be on the fence about whether you want to bother straightening your teeth. It is certainly a commitment and a procedure that can be unpleasant at times. However, it offers more benefits than it does negatives and can help you to love your smile. There is even a dental monitoring app that is now available to keep you connected with your dentist through the straightening process. Reaching out to an orthodontist in San Mateo to set up a consultation is the first step in transforming your teeth, and it is a step you will not regret taking.