Nope! Not Your Ordinary Orthodontist!

Why picking an experienced orthodontist is better for you, your friends, and your family? Because in the end you will waste your invested time, money, and be left unsatisfied.

We are not living in the stone ages anymore. Everyday more creative, technical, and noninvasive treatments are available to you for almost anything you can imagine. At this point money really is not an issue. You have either payment plan options, insurance, credit cards, and even that extra cash you got coming in from your tax return! Most importantly plan it out!

What is on your list of things to do and or buy? A new car, phone, or that ring for your future significant other? What about your children’s crooked teeth or even yours? Did you know that a qualified skilled orthodontist can use Invisalign to treat complex orthodontic issues like overbite, crowding, and overjet’s?

The problem is not with Invisalign! The issues are whether the orthodontist you had a consultation with is in fact capable of treating you. At Alborzi Orthodontics everyone is a candidate for Invisalign. I pride myself in the fact that I have 25 years of successful experience in treating adults, teens, and children with Invisalign.

I have intimate knowledge of orthodontics with thousands of hands-on trainings treating patients with Invisalign. Invisalign is incredibly effective and a powerful tool for aligning your smile with less hassle and time than other options. Nearly every misaligned issue can be fixed through Invisalign, no matter what you have been told.

Are you still wondering if all this is true and if you a good candidate for Invisalign? Come see for yourself. We have virtual or in person appointments available at your convenience call 650-342-4171. Or visit the website to schedule online at We look forward to seeing you soon and answering all your questions. My passion is to bring you the best Invisalign experience and to give you with a healthy, beautiful smile in the fraction of the usual time.