Changing Your Child’s Smile: Beyond Damon Braces


Appliances you may not know about!

Pediatric orthodontics goes far beyond braces, and it is important to consider all your child’s option. These solutions can solve orthodontics issues before they become a problem later.

If your child’s baby teeth decide to pop out a little prematurely- whether vie injury or some quirk of biology-they may face a potential problem. The first molars that sprout up through the gums may creep forward in the absence of any teeth to obstruct their motion, severely crowding other teeth as they erupt. The Nance Fixes this with two metal bands that wrap around the back of the upper molars, braced against a “button” covering a section of the palate.

Similar, to the Nance is the lower lingual holding arch, which does essentially the same thing but for the lower teeth. Two metal bands cement to two lower teeth. Two metal bands cement to the lower teeth- no contact with the gums or any soft tissues, so no irritation. Though, with both the Nance and the lower lingual holding arch, thorough oral hygiene is vital to avoid food and bacteria gathering between the appliance and the teeth.

If your child’s alignment problem is more severe, Twin blocks may be the answer. As your child’s bones develop, their jaw might become misaligned. An overjet, which is when the top teeth stick out much farther than the normal bottom teeth, is common. With two fitted blocks- one behind the upper teeth and one behind the lower- affixed to dual plates, your child’s lower jaw will be pushed forward into the optimal position. Twin blocks can help you avoid years of toothache and cosmetics orthodontics in the future, but for them to work, early screen is a must. Have no fear Dr. Alborzi is more than capable of giving your child the best orthodontic care. Your child is in the best hands at Alborzi Orthodontics. With more than 25 years of experience Dr. Alborzi has the perfect custom orthodontic treatment for the whole family. You can schedule a complimentary virtual or in person appointment for your child today just call (650-342-4171). To receive a free E-book by Dr. Alborzi on the benefits of a healthy smile for life click the links