Digital Scanning Of Teeth For Better Accuracy And Experience!

X-ray image

The popularity of Invisalign Braces has skyrocketed since the early 2000s. Over 5 million people, including more than 1 million teens, have used these advanced, clear aligners to transform their smiles. Unlike the traditional braces of the past, Invisalign is removable, low maintenance, and makes day to day wear in a breeze. To create these customized Invisalign aligners Dr. Alborzi will take impressions of your teeth with amazing technological help from the iTero intraoral digital scanning system.


How Does It Work?

The iTero scanner replaces the old method of using messy and uncomfortable impression material to capture the shape and alignment of your teeth. With the traditional molds, there was always the possibility of error, meaning that Dr. Alborzi would maybe have to do multiple impressions to build your clear aligners. The iTero scanner allows her to use computer technology to create them from a digital impression. With this software, Dr. Alborzi can show you a preview of your treatment results from start to finish. This means that she can show you a 3D model of your proposed outcome before you even try in your first set of aligners.


What Are The Benefits?

The iTero scanners have been used for more than 1.3 million orthodontics scans, including more than 600,000 Invisalign scans. The benefits of using iTero technology when building aligners are just a plentiful as using Invisalign itself. Both the convenience of technology for orthodontics and the results experienced by patients are demonstrated through the sheer number of people who opt to use it. Patients have taken notice of the advanced digital imaging, a lower cost than traditional impressions, and fewer and shorter appointments.

With these benefits, there really is not a reason not to check out this amazing technology. If you have more questions about our iTero scanner or about Invisalign do not hesitate to give our office a call (650-342-4171).