Don’t Listen to these 3 Myths About Pediatric Dental Health

Even though your children haven’t developed their adult teeth yet, pediatric dental health is just as important as maintaining the health of your permanent teeth. After all, it is thanks to these early oral care habits that we’re able to sustain our oral health for the long haul.

Whether you’re a new parent or simply want to know more information about pediatric oral care, here are some of the top myths surrounding a child’s dental health.

Your child doesn’t have to go to the dentist or orthodontist

Many parents don’t take the oral health of their children seriously. In fact, it’s recommended that your child begins to see a dentist as soon as they grow their first baby tooth. This way, your dental provider can monitor your child’s oral health to ensure their teeth are coming in appropriately.

You should also begin taking your child to an orthodontist around age seven. This ensures your orthodontist is able to identify any problems regarding your child’s orthodontic health. While dentistry focuses on the health of your teeth, orthodontists specialize in the alignment of your teeth and jaw. It’s around this age that jaw issues and teeth alignment issues begin to become apparent in your child. With the help of an experienced orthodontist, you can determine if your child will need braces or other forms of alignment correction in the coming years.

Cavities aren’t a concern

A cavity occurs when a part of the tooth begins to abscess due to bacterial growth. If your child develops a cavity, this is a huge indication that their oral health habits need to change.

If left untreated, cavities can cause serious pain and even lead to bacterial infections. Should this bacteria spread, it can lead to issues with tooth loss, periodontal disease, and create further dental issues.

My child only needs an orthodontist for crooked teeth

Orthodontists are specialists when it comes to misalignment issues in the teeth and the jaw. Even if your child has seemingly straight teeth, the position of their bite might lead to painful symptoms when they eat. A misaligned jaw can also contribute to headaches, insomnia, and promote poor nutrition if it isn’t taken care of with the help of braces.

Myths are common in the world of orthodontics. When you want to talk to an experienced orthodontist in San Mateo about braces, rely on Alborzi Orthodontics today.