Invisalign For Teens: The Best Option When Going Back to School

As teens in the San Mateo area go back to school, showing off their great smile is important to many. They will start on the path to a straight smile just like their friends and classmates.

How long you need to wear Invisalign varies from person to person, but it’s all worth it once you finally have that brand new, perfect smile that you can show off at school. You’ll be able to smile big for your yearbook pictures, school dance photos, or any other occasion!

New low maintenance braces like Invisalign® are the latest trend for teeth straightening, and with over 6 million people using the clear aligners to transform their smile, it’s a trend that doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon.

Invisalign replaces the metal brackets and wires of braces with sets of durable, plastic aligners that fit perfectly over your teeth. The plastic is completely clear, so once you put them on your teeth, no one will be able to notice. However, the aligners can become slightly stained if you don’t take care of them, so make sure that you keep them clean so they stay clear!

The virtually invisible look of the aligners, the ability to remove them when eating, drinking, or flossing, and the faster treatment time are all reasons why Invisalign® braces are so popular. And while people of all ages can benefit from orthodontic treatment with Invisalign®, the age demographic that can perhaps benefit the most is teens.


Invisalign For Teens Is Not The Pain of Braces

If you’re an adult who wore traditional metal braces during your high school years, then you know how truly frustrating and painful they can be at that age. Horror stories of popcorn getting stuck in your teeth when you’re out watching a movie with friends or being afraid to eat lunch in the cafeteria because you’re worried you don’t have time to clean the brackets before the fifth period are bad enough. But when you add sports into the mix, it only gets worse.

Getting hit in the mouth by a ball or another player is going to hurt no matter what, but metal braces make the experience much more painful. While any sport that involves flying objects and multiple players has the potential to be problematic, fall sports might be causing the most issues.

Spiked volleyballs flying over the net at 60 mph, squad herkies and backflips during the halftime show, and strong linemen running full speed at you during the fourth quarter of the football game can all cause some real jaw and mouth pain, especially when metal braces are involved.

Because Invisalign® is a method that’s both removable and far more comfortable, it can make the high school experience a bit easier. Plus, if you are playing sports, the ability to remove your aligners allows you to use a mouthguard, which offers an extra layer of protection for your teeth.


Eating At School While Wearing Invisalign

Keeping your teen well fed and nourished is super important for children, and wearing clear aligners can make things more complicated. Your first concern may be simply making sure they eat, especially at the start of new tray cycles when the mouth and teeth tend to be very sore. This discourages even the most disciplined (and ravenous) adult patients from wearing their trays (and why many people joke about an “Invisalign diet”).

So what can a parent do? First off, if your teen is complaining about sore or sensitive teeth, take that into consideration and pack them a lunch with soft foods that are easy to eat. Yogurts, oatmeals, soups and smoothies are great choices.

Another thing that might hinder your Invisalign teen from eating at school is the challenge of removing their trays. Removal is most difficult early in the tray cycle when aligners fit the tightest, and removing them can be quite a chore and at times even painful. Proper, prompt and painless removal here is crucial, since the absolute last thing you want them doing is eating while wearing their Invisalign.

As teens in San Mateo head back to school this month, it might be the perfect time to check out Invisalign®. With 80 % of all patients opting for this treatment, Dr. Alborzi has helped thousands of young teens get the smile they always dreamed of. See how she can help you today!