Invisalign began with a one-person quest to improve technology. Zia Chishti was a student at Stanford and an adult orthodontics patient when he got braces removed. Getting brackets and wires removed is a time-intensive, cumbersome procedure. As Chishti sat in the chair, he wondered if there was a better

When the doctor presented him with his retainer, his mind began racing. It was an old-school plastic and wire retainer, but out of that, the idea of Invisalign was born. After meeting with Kelsey Werth, another Stanford student, the two began to develop prototypes. Eventually, they came upon the idea of custom 3-0 printed clear aligners that would straighten teeth. By 1997, Chishti and Werth founded Align Technology and set work securing a patent FDA approval. The Invisalign system hit the market a year later.

When the technology was introduced, orthodontists were hesitant to use it. Invisalign was brand-new, developed by people outside of the industry, and unproven. Venture capital companies in Silicon Valley, however, sensed an opportunity. Flushed with cash. Invisalign started a marketing campaign to win the hearts and minds of not just doctors, but prospective patients as well. The New York Times called it “the most aggressive consumer advertising sign the dental profession has ever seen.”

Though the product was sound, Invisalign had serious spending issues. But, after a change in leadership, they began to focus on making Invisalign an operable business instead of simply a good idea.

Despite an inauspicious start, Invisalign is now regarded as a viable alternative to traditional braces for all. Because they are clear and removable, Invisalign has become extremely popular in not just adults and teens, but even children. Invisalign has continued to improve its technology setting a new and improved standard that has won the hearts of all who try it.

In the capable hands of Or. Alborzi Invisalign is an option for all her patients. Dr.Alborzi can create
beautiful, healthy smiles in a fraction of the usual time using Invisalign. Mostly all corrections that can be done with Damon braces can also be accomplished with Invisalign. If you still desire a tin grin, she is an expert at that as well!

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